Friday, December 8, 2017

Valeeya Brazile

Valeeya Brazile
--- - February 5, 2008

Valeeya was three years old when she passed away. She was known for smiling often and loving pancakes. She was proud that she could recognize the letter her name started with, V. She lived in a two bedroom apartment with her mother, Mia Holmes, and her mother's boyfriend, Thomas Martin. Previously, CPS had removed Valeeya and her older brother from her mother's custody due to domestic violence. A CPS social worker who had never made an unannounced visit to the home, which was supposed to happen, recommended that Valeeya and her brother be returned to their mother's care. The case was then closed.

When Valeeya died, she had multiple injuries including severe blows that had occurred over multiple periods of time. Thomas was charged with murder, assaulting a child under eight years old, and possession of marijuana for sale. Mia was charged with felony child endangerment and possession of marijuana for sale. The drug charges were dropped for both Thomas and Mia. 

In a trial, the judge discussed how CPS was aware that Valeeya had suffered many injuries, yet returned her to the same people they knew were caring for her during the time she got those injuries. Thomas was sentenced to prison for twenty-nine years to life. Mia was sentenced to twelve years. Thomas denied that he had killed Valeeya, even after being found guilty of second degree murder.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Miles Bengco

Miles Bengco
--- - June 19, 2013
Miles was eleven years old when he passed away. On June 18, 2013, Miles's mother prepared Quorn brand turkey burgers for her family. Miles ate one plain turkey burger for dinner that day while his family watched a basketball game. While eating, it was noticed that Miles cleared his throat several times. After dinner, Miles went to his bedroom and started using his nebulizer. Miles's brother heard him using the nebulizer and went into his room. He saw that Miles was having difficulties breathing.

Miles communicated to his brother that he should call 911. His brother yelled to his mother to call 911 and carried Miles downstairs and then outside to the sidewalk. Miles's family administered his Epi-Pen while they waited for help to arrive. By the time the ambulance arrived, which was soon after, Miles was unresponsive.

Miles was taken in the ambulance to the hospital. He arrived at the hospital in critical condition. He was transported to another hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The cause of Miles's death was ruled to be anaphylactic shock due to consuming mycoprotein, a mold-based product, that was in the turkey burger he ate for dinner.

The Quorn turkey burgers passed the Food and Drug Administration because the mycoprotein was added to the turkey burgers under the "GRAS" practice which refers to food additives that are "generally regarded as safe." Miles's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Quorn company. Quorn changed its labels to be sure that people would see that mycoprotein was a main ingredient in their products.

At this time, I am unable to find the results of the lawsuit.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Javier Avina

Javier Guadalupe Avina
--- - April 5, 2016

Javier was ten years old when he passed away. His parents were Hugo Avina Nunez and Melodie Dawn Avina. He was an excellent brother to Floritia, Hugo Jr., and Armando. Javier was a fifth grade student. He had many friends and was a lover of music, family, faith, and friends. He loved his teachers, going to school, fishing, and gospel music. He enjoyed playing the violin, tambourine, and the drums. He also enjoyed participating in sports.

Javier was allergic to peanuts and eggs. He also had asthma. At school, Javier had two asthma inhalers and an EpiPen to help him stay safe. On the day he passed away, he had been at school. He told his teacher that he did not feel well and went to the bathroom and vomited. After that, Javier was sent by an employee at his school to walk the short distance to the school's office.

Javier told the school secretary that he felt ill and she called the paramedics. Javier told the secretary that he had used one of his inhalers. He was having difficulties breathing and collapsed around ten minutes later. He was rushed to the hospital where he later passed away. Although Javier had his EpiPen with him, it was not used, although paramedics did give him the medication that would have been delivered by the EpiPen, although much later than the EpiPen would have been used.

An autopsy was done but it was unable to be determined whether Javier passed away due to an allergic reaction or asthma. It was also learned that one of Javier's inhalers had collapsed and had not been renewed, so the inhaler was not functioning properly. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lavender Banks

Lavender Banks
--- - May, 2008
Lavender passed away when she was three years old. She was adopted the year before her death by a woman named Sabrina Albert Banks. Sabrina had been previously accused of burning a child with a hot spoon, hitting her niece with a switch cut from a tree, and abusing a foster child that had been in her care. She was never found guilty of any of the allegations. 

In early May of 2008, the fire department was called to Sabrina's home. When they arrived, they found Lavender unresponsive. She was bleeding from her mouth and had bruises on her arms, legs, chest, back, and bottom. Paramedics stated that Lavender was deceased when they arrived. The autopsy report said that Lavender died due to blunt force trauma and possibly asphyxiation from being smothered. 

Sabrina said that she had gone to wake Lavender from a nap and found that she had vomited on herself. She said that she took Lavender to the bathroom to clean her up and noticed that she was stiff and cold. She said that she removed contents from Lavender's mouth and then began performing CPR on her. Despite this, investigators said that they believed Sabrina had waited eight hours before calling 911 for help.

Investigators were more suspicious when they found what seemed to be a suicide note on the table in the family room of the home. Sabrina was sentenced to fifteen years for pleading no contest to second degree murder, although she denied ever hurting Lavender. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Logan Bratton

Logan Edward Bratton
November 8, 2003 - April 4, 2007
Logan was born on November 8, 2003 to Willie Bratton and Donetta Ernst. At the time Logan was rushed to the hospital with a fatal head injury, he was not with his father. He was with his mother's boyfriend, Joe Mendez. Just hours before Logan was brought to the hospital unresponsive that day, he had been on errands with Joe. He was even seen playing happily with Joe's four young children. 

That morning, Joe was caring for all five children in their apartment. One of Joe's children and Logan got into a fight about some toys and Joe took Logan out of the kitchen to go discipline him, according to one of Joe's children. Shortly after this a 911 call was made by Joe. He said that Logan fell off the top bunk of a bunk bed. Later, Joe said that this had not actually happened and that he lied because he was afraid he would get in trouble if he admitted that he had hit Logan with his hand.

Joe then said that when he hit Logan, it caused Logan to fall down and hit his head on the floor or an object. Firefighters who came to the scene said they met Joe in the entryway to the apartment. Joe had Logan in his arms and didn't say much about what happened except for that Logan had fallen. Logan was pronounced brain dead after being rushed to the hospital. A doctor did not think that Logan's injuries could have been caused by a fall. Logan passed away due to his injuries which included head trauma as well as internal trauma to his abdomen.

Joe was found guilty of first degree murder in Logan's death. Joe was sentenced to fifty-five years.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Jaquinn Brewton

Jaquinn Brewton
April 8, 2008 - July 12, 2011
Jaquinn was three years old when he passed away. At the time of his death, he was in the care of a woman named Nadera Batson and her boyfriend, Marcus King. Nadera was Jaquinn's godmother. On June 29, 2011, less than a month before Jaquinn died, DHS received a phone call expressing that they believed Jaquinn had been abused. Jaquinn had been transported to the hospital that day in critical condition. He had no pulse or heart rate at the time. He passed away on July 12, 2011.

Nadera told investigators that Jaquinn had been coming down the steps, missed a step, and fell. Before that, she told the 911 operator that Jaquinn had fallen out of window. Doctors did not think his injuries could have been caused by falling on stairs or out of a window. He had bruises on his face and his abdomen. There were old and new bruises. He also had scars from being burnt on his legs and buttocks.

In the past, the family had been reported for mistreating children as well. In 2005, before Jaquinn was born, it was reported that the children were unsupervised and begging neighbors for food. In 2010, it was reported that there was not enough food in the home and that the adults in the home were using drugs. DHS only was able to assess three of the six children living there for this report. Later in 2010, it was reported that the children were often late to school and that the home was too small for so many people to live in it. There were also complaints of the inhabitants of the home smelling like marijuana. In March of 2011, a report came in about one of the little girls living in the home, who was developmentally delayed and intellectually disabled. She had begun displaying sexualized behavior and increasingly aggressive behavior.

After Jaquinn's death, it was determined that he had been abused and his death was a homicide. Jaquinn had not seen his biological mother since December of 2010. She had agreed to let Jaquinn live with Nadera. Jaquinn was failed by the system as there had been two reports on his family that were not investigated within the proper time frame and he had not received monthly check ups by DHS as he was supposed to.

It was later discovered that both Nadera and Marcus had abused Jaquinn. They hit him with their fists and kicked him. In addition, they burnt him with a blow torch. Both were charged in his murder. Nadera was found guilty of third degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, child endangerment, and possession of an instrument of crime (the blowtorch) and was sentenced to twenty-eight to fifty-seven years in prison. I am unable to find any information on if Marcus was found innocent or guilty.


James Bradley

James Bradley Jr.

I am unable to find any information about James. If you know anything about James you would like me to add to his post, feel free to inform me in the comments. Thank you.