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Dillon Blocker

Dillon Bryan Blocker
September 26, 1997 - September 18, 2001

Dillon was born on September 26, 1997 to Denise Patch. Denise met a man named Steven McBride in February of 2001. One month after meeting Steven, Denise leased a two bedroom apartment with him to live in with him and her two children:  Dillon, and Dillon's four year old sister. Denise worked at a daycare and Steven worked at a Coca-Cola plant. Shortly after moving into the apartment, Steven stopped working.

Dillon and his sister attended the daycare their mother worked at. Dillon took speech lessons through the school district. Beginning in May of 2001, employees at the daycare, Dillon's teacher, and the school nurse all began questioning Denise about bruises they had seen on Dillon's buttocks, face, and abdomen. Denise told them that Dillon got the bruises from falling at daycare and playing.

In June of 2001, Denise came to work crying. She told her coworkers that Steven was no longer allowed to come pick up her children from daycare because she had seen him spanking Dillon. Family members also began noticing bruises on Dillon and even saw Steven strike Dillon on more than one occasion. Steven's brother said that he had seen Steven hit Dillon on his chest when he was crying. He also said he saw Steven grab Dillon's face to get his attention and hit him many times on the head to keep him awake.

By mid-July in 2001, Dillon and his sister began attending daycare less frequently. Denise later said that she chose to keep Dillon at home most of the time because he had bruises. At the end of August, Denise quit working at the daycare and instead worked the night shift at a nearby Target. Denise was now six months pregnant with Steven's child. While she went to work, Steven was at home watching the children.

Once, when Denise returned from work she noticed bruises on Dillon's shoulders and back. She also saw bite marks on his wrists. Steven told her that the bruises were from Dillon falling and rolling under his sister's bicycle. He said that Dillon had bit his own wrists. Denise said she was afraid to let Dillon go to someone else's care or get out of the house because she thought that if someone saw his injuries, child protective services would take him away from her. She refused to let his new speech teacher come for a home visit and made up lies about why Dillon could not go to the first few weeks of his speech class. 

On September 17, the day before Dillon passed away, Denise said she did not notice anything abnormal about him. He ate all three meals and spent the day playing with his toys, napping, and watching videos. He still had bruises on his cheeks and bite marks on his wrists. That afternoon, Denise said that she watched Dillon use the bathroom and didn't notice injuries on his genitals or abdomen. After Dillon's death, investigators found out that he had been sexually abused.

At some point during September 17, Dillon showed his mother bumps on his tongue. She gave him medication and put Orajel on his tongue. She got the children ready for bed and left for her shift which was at 9:30. When she left for work, Dillon was wearing a sweatshirt that had a picture of a soccer ball on the front.

Sometime between 2:15 and 2:45 in the early morning, Steven called Denise and said that Dillon had fallen in the bathroom. He said that during the fall, Dillon had hurt his head and his penis and that he was now crying. Steven asked that Denise come home. When Denise got home Dillon had another injury on his face across his cheek and his eyes. He had a red mark on his penis and a scrape on his forehead. He was now wearing a different shirt than he had been wearing when Denise had left for work.

Denise put ice on Dillon's head and penis and noticed that he was having an even harder time than usual speaking and that he was breathing oddly. She called poison control to ask if the Orajel she had put on his tongue hours before could have this effect on him. Poison control told her that Orajel should not cause that. She asked Steven if they should take Dillon to the doctor many times because of his breathing and she was concerned that he might have a concussion. Steven said they should not take him to the doctor unless he wasn't fine in the morning.

Both Steven and Denise took Dillon to their bedroom and propped him up on some pillows. Steven laid on the bed with Dillon and Denise read directions on how to perform CPR. Denise approached Steven with a telephone and asked if they should call 911. Steven told her to put the phone down and told her again that Dillon would be fine until the morning came. Denise eventually fell asleep on the couch in the living room.

When Denise woke up that morning, she went into the bedroom and found that Dillon was dead. She called 911 while Steven took Dillon to the living room. Denise tried to give Dillon CPR but it was no help. When officers entered the apartment, they saw Dillon lying on the love seat in the living room. They confirmed that he was deceased.

Police asked what happened to Dillon and Steven as well as Denise informed them that during the night, the toilet seat had fallen on Dillon's penis, causing him to fall down and hit his head. Police didn't think this story seemed accurate and they could see physical injuries on Dillon so they decided that an investigation should be done.

A crime scene investigation was done at the apartment. Blood was found on the walls and doors of the bathroom and Denise and Steven's bedroom. Blood was also found on multiple items in the bathroom. There was a cloth belt from a robe hidden behind containers in the closet that was still wet with blood and saliva. The blood and saliva was confirmed to be Dillon's. Denise's saliva and Dillon's was found around Dillon's mouth, which was explained by Denise attempting CPR on Dillon after he died.

The toilet was measured and measurements were taken of Dillon and it was concluded that Dillon would have had to have been "almost on his knees" or squatted down in order for the toilet seat to fall on his penis. The autopsy estimated that Dillon died around 5 a.m. that day. The autopsy also said that Dillon had injuries that were one to four days old at the time of his death on the inside of his abdomen. The autopsy concluded that Dillon's small bowel had likely ruptured some time before his death, allowing its contents to leak into his abdomen and cause infection. Newer injuries to various organs in his abdomen only added to the infection.

Dillon had old and recent injuries to his head. The surface of his brain was bleeding and his brain was swollen. His official cause of death was the injuries to his head and brain, although the other injuries had also definitely contributed to his death. Dillon also had numerous rib fractures in various stages of healing. He had bite marks all over his body, also occurring on various dates, as well as bruises and scrapes on many parts of his body.

One of Dillon's front teeth had been knocked out and was found in his stomach during his autopsy. He had small circular burns on his palms and wrists that appeared to have been caused by cigarettes. Injuries that occurred on many dates were also found on Dillon's penis and scrotum. There were bruises and scrapes all over his penis and scrotum. It was believed that the injuries to the tip of his penis were most recent, as well as some of the bruises on his scrotum. The injuries on the tip of his penis were bite marks.

Molds of the teeth of Denise, Steven, Steven's brother, and Dillon's sister were made to determine who had bitten Dillon. It was determined that Steven was the one who had bitten Dillon on the base of his penis, the left side of his scrotum, and his tongue. The source of the other marks were unable to be determined. 

One of Dillon's neighbors testified that he had heard loud noises the night before Dillon died. He said it sounded like something was hitting the wall. Another neighbor said that she had heard a little boy crying and saying, "It hurt." and then heard an adult tell the little boy, "Shut up." A woman that had called Steven on the phone said that during one phone call she heard a little boy crying. Steven had told her that the little boy's name was Dillon and that his neighbors, who he claimed were Dillon's parents, were fighting. He said he was babysitting Dillon until the fighting calmed down. She heard Dillon say, "I'm tired." and heard Steven tell him to stand up and that he could not lay down. Steven then told the woman that he was going to bring Dillon back to his parents because Dillon was "stupid" and he did not want to be around him anymore.

When investigators talked to Dillon's sister, she said that after her mother left, Steven put Dillon in time-out and made him stand by the door. She was supposed to be asleep in her bedroom, she said, but she had heard Steven hitting Dillon with a belt. She said that was "what got bruises all over him." She said that Steven would put them in the bathroom and check to see if there were bruises on them after spanking them. She said that her mother and Steven would argue all the time about "owies." 

When investigators searched the apartment, they found a note written by Denise to Steven. In it she asked that Steven not spank Dillon and not play rough with him, as the burns had to heal. She also said that he had dry blood on his lips. In a note written by Denise to herself, she wrote that she told Steven to keep his hands off Dillon but he wouldn't. She also said that Steven could not control his temper and she couldn't "deal" with Steven because he always left marks on Dillon, and now he had to miss another entire week of school.

A jury indicted Steven on four counts for Dillon's death: Murder in the first degree while committing child abuse, murder in the first degree while committing criminal sexual conduct, murder in the second degree (intentional), and murder in the second degree (commission of felony). The jury found him guilty on all counts except for intentional murder in the second degree. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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Peachlyn Bradley

Peachlyn Bradley
May 6, 1991 - April 19, 1995

Peachlyn was born on May 6, 1991. Her aunt said she was only three years old, but she acted as if she were twenty-three years old. Peachlyn was friends with everyone she met and was very funny. Peachlyn, along with nineteen other toddlers, was killed in the Oklahoma City Bombing carried out by a man named Timothy McVeigh. One hundred sixty-eight people died because of the bombing. 

Peachlyn died in the bombing along with her grandmother, Cheryl Bradley Hammons. Her three month old brother, Gabreon Bruce, also died in the bombing. Peachlyn's family was in the building to get a social security card for Gabreon. Peachlyn's mother, Dana, and Peachlyn's aunt, Felicia, were also injured in the bombing. Dana's leg was amputated, though both she and her sister Felicia recovered from the injuries and survived.

The man who bombed the building, Timothy McVeigh, had rented a truck and filled it with explosives before parking it outside of the Alfred P. Murrah building. He said that he did this to fight the government, which he viewed as tyrannical. In court, he said that he wanted revenge for the people who died in the Waco barracks in Texas. Although Peachlyn was not in the daycare in the Alfred P. Murrah building, fifteen of the children who passed away that day were. Timothy later said he didn't know that there was a daycare in the building and that if he had known, he would have considered targeting another building.

Timothy was sentenced to death for the bombing that stole so many lives. He was executed in 2001.

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Jhornee Bland

Jhornee Adreia Bland
April 22, 2014 - May 8, 2016
Jhornee was born on April 22, 2014 to Jackqailine Hardin. She was known as being a very happy little girl who adored her brothers and sisters. On the day Jhornee went missing, her mother had left her with a woman named Tyerria Miles, her babysitter. When Jhornee's mother returned, Jhornee was not there. When Jackqailine asked where Jhornee was, Tyerria said that she had left Jhornee with an acquaintance who lived nearby. 

The police got involved in Jhornee's disappearance. Jhornee was not where Tyerria said that she would be. Jhornee's mother and police began searching for her. Jackqailine went door to door, knocking and showing photos of Jhornee hoping that somebody would have seen her. Nobody had. Finally, Tyerria told police where she had left Jhornee's body.

Tyerria was telling the truth about where Jhornee's body was:  in a field. She was arrested after Jhornee's body was located, but then released when an autopsy could not determine what had caused Jhornee's death. She claimed that she had not done anything to harm Jhornee at all and that her only fault was hiding Jhornee's body instead of properly reporting her death.

Tyerria pleaded guilty to one count of interfering with law enforcement and was sentenced to eighteen months probation. The cause of Jhornee's death is still unknown.


Devante Burns

Devante Dayshawn Burns
April 12, 2002 - September 25, 2012

Dante was born on April 12, 2002. He passed away when he was ten years old. I am unable to find any information about what happened to Devante. If you know anything about Devante you want to be on his post, please inform me in the comments and I will add it. Thank you. 


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Brooklyn Brown

Brooklyn Nicole Brown
January 24, 2008 - November 29, 2008
Brooklyn was born on January 24, 2008 to Kyle and Kasey Brown. Brooklyn's parents had split up at a point during Brooklyn's life. Her mother began dating another man, Michael Janzen. Near the end of Brooklyn's life, her mother was having relationship issues with Michael and was going to break up with him and get back together with Brooklyn's father, Kyle.

When Brooklyn was ten months old, she was left alone with Michael. He was babysitting her at his home. At one point during the day, Brooklyn was rushed by an ambulance to the hospital where she was pronounced deceased. Michael originally said he was carrying Brooklyn to the bathroom to give her a bath and that she had fallen down on the vinyl floor. 

When the doctors that had tried to save Brooklyn's life told police that Brooklyn's injuries didn't look like they were caused from a fall, Michael was questioned further. This time, Michael admitted that Brooklyn had not fallen down, but that he had grown frustrated with Brooklyn's mother and took it out on Brooklyn. He said that he loved Brooklyn's mother but he knew she was going to go back to Kyle. Because of this, he slammed Brooklyn into the floor twice.

Michael said that after he slammed Brooklyn into the floor, her eyes rolled back in her head and she became unresponsive. After this, Michael took Brooklyn to the grocery store with him and then took her to her mother's work. It was then that an ambulance was called for help. The nurses assisted Brooklyn in breathing and she was stabilized, but she had a large skull fracture. Doctors knew that if she did survive, she would be in a vegetative state. Brooklyn passed away later that night.

Michael was charged with first degree murder. He pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to ten years in prison.

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Jose Bailey

Jose Luis Garcia Bailey
--- - ---

Jose was almost twelve years old when he passed away. Jose was known for being a kind and active boy who took pride in being a big brother. On the day he passed away, he had been walking home with his mother and sisters. He had just went with them to buy orange juice. He crossed the street to go join a group of his friends that were standing outside. Two men approached the group and began shooting. Jose and an adult man were shot.

Jose was dragged away by one of his friends during the shooting. He was rushed to the hospital where a surgeon worked to try and save his life. He said that he knew that saving Jose was not possible and that his mother also knew that, but had begged him to save Jose's life. He did the best he could, but Jose could not be saved. The other shooting victim survived.

The shooting was believed to be gang-related, although Jose and the other victim were not involved in any gangs. The shooters have never been identified. Witnesses refused to come forward, and those that did come forward had little information to share with the police. 

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Victoria Brackbill

Victoria Ruth Brackbill
July 30, 2014 - March 27, 2016
Victoria, often called "Tori" by those who knew her, was born on July 30, 2014 to Brennan and Lesa Brackbill. She was a happy little girl and developing completely normally until she was five months old. Then, Victoria regressed in her milestones and stopped smiling. Six weeks after her symptoms began, Victoria was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, which is a rare and terminal genetic disease that there is no cure for. This disease could have been treated if Victoria was tested for it at birth, but there was not a treatment available for Victoria by the time she was diagnosed. 

Victoria was given a life expectancy of thirteen months. She exceeded that expectancy and thrived. Her parents made a bucket list for her to make sure that she experienced as many amazing things as possible during her time with them. She was able to complete forty-nine of the items on her bucket list before passing away on March 27, 2016, which was Easter Sunday.