Saturday, April 30, 2016

Korbyn Antworth

Korbyn Garfield Antworth
September 18, 2013 - March 5, 2014
Korbyn was five months old when he passed away. His parents were William and Brittany Antworth. He also had a brother, Lucas, who loved him very much. Lucas was three years old at the time Korbyn passed away. Lucas and Korbyn had been being watcher by their babysitter, Samuel Moore. Samuel had apparently been "tossing Korbyn around" when Korbyn's brother, Lucas, hit Samuel in the groin to try and make him stop shaking Korbyn.
After Lucas hit Samuel, Samuel dropped Korbyn from a height of about six feet, causing Korbyn to hit the ground. Out of anger, Samuel choked Lucas. Korbyn had eleven rib fractures, and bleeding in his brain. Samuel claimed that Lucas was injured because he had choked himself with a cape he had tried to make himself, but this was soon found to be false. Then Samuel said that the injuries were caused when he performed wrestling moves on Lucas, and said that Lucas had been limp for around fifteen seconds. Korbyn passed away two days after the incident at the hospital. Lucas was injured, but not fatally.
Samuel plead guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to twenty-five years. All but seventeen years were suspended. He also plead guilty to attacking Lucas and violating the probation for arson that he was on at the time of Korbyn's death. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sean Aquitania Jr.

Sean Paul Aquitania Jr.
January 30, 2007 - September 14, 2007
On the day Sean Jr. passed away, he and his father, Sean Sr. had drove up to visit their friend at their friend's home. Unfortunately, they did this at the same time two men named Donald Ortez-Lucero and Christopher Strong were going to rob a house that was known to have drugs inside it. Donald pistol-whipped Sean Sr. and the gun went off, shooting Sean Jr. in his head.
When Sean Sr. realized that his son had been shot, he began to attack the men who had been involved in shooting him. Donald shot Sean Sr. as well. Both Sean Sr. and Sean Jr. passed away due to their injuries. Donald and Christopher were both sentenced to life in prison for their role in taking the lives of Sean Jr. and his father.

Amina Agboola

Amina Agboola
October 7, 2011 - November 21, 2013
Amina passed away after being kicked by her mother's boyfriend, Dean Harris, so hard that her liver was ruptured. Paramedics responded to a call to the home that was made by Dean to find Amina severely injured. They described her as having looked "like a rag doll".  Dean told them that Amina had fallen off of the toilet, but he later admitted to the police that he had kicked Amina in her stomach. Amina was treated, but passed away later that day.
Amina had soiled her diapers and some of her clothing, which caused Dean to become very, very angry. In his confession to the police, he stated that "The next thing I knew I had kicked her in the stomach." He said that his kick moved Amina backwards and she landed about six feet away from where she had been before the kick.
The kick had split Amina's liver into two pieces. It was also discovered that she had older injuries on her body including an arm that was recently broken, bruises to her face, and bite marks on her cheek and arm. Amina's mother, Sarah Racqueman, was apparently warned by a social worked that Dean had a history of domestic violence, and he should not be left alone with Amina. Sarah says that she wanted to give Dean the benefit of the doubt and that she was a believer of second chances.
Dean was sentenced to life in prison for killing Amina. Sarah was tried for allowing Amina to be abused, but she was found not guilty. 

Connell Anastasi

Connell Nicholas Anastasi
July 21, 1998 - March 20, 2001

Connell passed away due to Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a brain tumor.

Burapa Artga

Burapa Artga
August 29, 2002 - September 9, 2008

Burapa passed away after being diagnosed with CML, which stands for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. 

Jacob Alexander

Jacob Adam James Alexander
April 15, 2002 - October 1, 2003

Jacob passed away when he was seventeen months old. He, his mother, and his sister, Kylie, had just moved into their new apartment. Jacob's mother was putting their things away in the room that would be her children's. She put together the crib and pushed it against the closet wall so it would not be in her way. Her children were sleeping, so she finished putting the things away before kissing them goodnight and going to sleep.

The next morning, Jacob's mother went to the children's room to go check on them. Kylie was already awake, Jacob's mother thought Jacob was still sleeping, but then she saw that his head was tilted at an odd angle and the window blind cord was wrapped around his neck. She grabbed him out of the crib and began performing CPR and calling 911. 

Jacob was still warm when he was found, and he couldn't have been unconscious for anymore than ten minutes. The paramedics arrived and managed to make Jacob breathe again. They took him to a children's hospital. Jacob stayed alive for twenty more hours before doctors confirmed that he was now brain dead. 

Jacob's father wanted to keep Jacob on life support and wanted doctors to keep bringing him back when he went unconscious again. Finally though, both of Jacob's parents agreed that he should not be resuscitated if his body failed again. They told the doctor, and the next time Jacob's body failed, they let him go. 

Philip Alicea

Philip Bronson Alicea
May 30, 1989 - February 4, 1991

I am unable to find any information about Philip or how he passed away. If you have any information about Philip, feel free to post a comment and I will add it to his post. Thank you.

Bella Allard

Bella Louise Allard
June 28, 2011 - September 26, 2012
Bella was born on June 28, 2011. This was her older sister, Brooke's, second birthday. Brooke loved Bella so much. She always wanted to be with her little sister. Bella was determined and outgoing. She lived for almost fifteen months before she passed away after becoming entangled in window blind cords. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Andrew Atkerson

Andrew Kyle Atkerson
November 10, 2008 - April 24, 2010
Andrew passed away when he was seventeen months and fifteen days old. He was born the day after his father's birthday. He had a brother named Keith and a sister named Arianna. When Andrew was about two months old, he began having breathing problems. His father took him to the hospital. He spent two weeks in the children's hospital. It was found out that Andrew had to stay inside the house the whole summer because if he was in the heat, it would cause health difficulties. Despite this, Andrew was a brave and happy little boy.
The day before Andrew passed away, his mother had put him to bed just like any other normal day. She had given him a bath and dressed him in comfortable clothes for sleeping. She hugged him and kissed him. She yelled for his father to come in and put Andrew to sleep. By the time his father came inside, he was already asleep.
Andrew's parents went to sleep late and woke up to Andrew's sister telling them that there was a string around Andrew's neck and he was dead. They thought that she was wrong and was just being a drama queen, as she sometimes was. They got out of bed anyway to go investigate. When they got to Andrew's room, they saw that his brother was already there, staring at Andrew's bed, obviously upset.
At this point, Andrew's mother became more alarmed. She ran to Andrew's bed and discovered that the cord from his window blinds was around his neck. He was hanging. She grabbed him and unwrapped the cord. He was tinted blue, and he was stiff and cold. She yelled for Andrew's father and tried to move his limbs, but they wouldn't move.
Andrew had become entangled in the blind cords by his bed, accidentally hanging himself. He passed away due to asphyxiation.

Shelby Andrews

Shelby Laice Andrews
October 24, 1995 - August 1, 2006
Shelby passed away when she was ten years old. Her step-mother, Angela Andrews, had locked Shelby into a very small closet with little breathing room. Shelby reasonably became panicked. She began vomiting, and she choked on her vomit. Police had been called to Shelby's home where they found her body. She had been battered and was covered in old and new bruises. There were also bite marks on her body. Later, it was discovered that her brain had been swelled.
Shelby's father, Ryan Andrews, confessed that he and Angela had both abused Shelby on multiple occasions, but that most of the abuse was carried out by Angela. Angela had forced Shelby to eat her own feces, and slammed Shelby's head into the stairs more than once. Angela's own children were all in the home when this was occurring. Angela had also hit Shelby's genitals with the heel of a shoe and a metal spray can while her father held her arms and legs. 
Ryan was aware that Angela had locked Shelby into the tight space, and he could hear her panicked cries. Angela told Ryan that he needed to leave Shelby in the closet because Shelby was "just trying to play" him. Instead of helping his daughter, Ryan watched the television with Angela. The door knob of the closet had been removed, and Shelby could not get out by herself. When they finally did decide to open the door to let Shelby out, she fell on the ground, as she had already passed away.
Angela later plead guilty to first degree felony murder and second degree sexual abuse of a child. She was sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison. Angela will have to register as a sex offender when she is released. Ryan also plead guilty to first degree felony murder and was also sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison. 

Madeline Adams

Madeline Adams

Unfortunately, I am not able to find any information about Madeline or how she passed away. If you have any information about this sweet angel, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to her post. 

Nikki Allan

Nikki Allan
August 1, 1985 - October 1, 1992
Nikki Allan was seven years old when she was stabbed to death. She was reported missing after she had left her grandparents' home. The day after Nikki was reported missing, her body was discovered just a few yards away from where he shoes were found by her neighbor. Her body was taken to a medical examiner who reported that she had thirty-seven stab wounds, and she had been beaten with a brick. A twenty-four year old man named George Heron was charged with her murder, but was acquitted.
Another man named Steven Grieveson was arrested on suspicion of murdering Nikki, but he was bailed out of jail after being questioned by police. Later, a woman contacted Nikki's mother because she had seen a television show that discussed Nikki's case. She thought she might have information, and Nikki's mother urged her to go to the authorities. Nikki's case still has not been solved.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Adriel Alexander

Adriel King Alexander
July 6, 2009 - August 10, 2009
Adriel passed away when he was just five weeks old after his father, Shelton Alexander, punched him six times and dropped him onto the floor. Shelton admitted to being half awake when he hit his son. He said that he hit Adriel because Adriel would not stop crying, and Shelton wanted to go to sleep. When Adriel was injured, he had been lying on the bed next to Shelton.
Adriel's crying had woken Shelton up. Shelton had not slept for several days. He had been skipping work to go to parties at a strip club. He also used that time to smoke marijuana and abuse prescription cough syrup. Adriel's injuries included fractured ribs and liver lacerations. He also had a broken rib that was in the process of healing at the time of his death.
Shelton Alexander was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison after having been found guilty of injuring a child. He will be eligible for parole halfway through his sentence.

Summer Allen

Summer Kathryn Allen
July 12, 2008 - November 26, 2014
Summer was a happy little girl who, with her twin named Paige, was born eight weeks early. The two spent five weeks in special care. For three years both girls lived average, happy, and healthy lives. Summer's favorite colors were pink and purple. She liked animals and princesses too. She also liked singing and dancing, something that Paige was a fan of too. The girls loved performing for those around them, and they were known to even make up their own songs.
In November of 2011, Summer began to feel ill. She complained that her leg hurt. Her parents were worried so they took her to the hospital to have tests done. They found out that Summer had fluid on her hip, and she had an operation to remove the fluid. She still was showing signs of being unwell, and her family was worried.
By the end of December, Summer was still complaining about the pain in her leg. Her eyelids were now yellow. One morning, her family discovered a large lump on the top of her head and two additional smaller lumps on her forehead. They went to the hospital again to have more tests done. Finally they were given the news:  Summer had a tumor.
They were transferred to another hospital for even more tests. These revealed that Summer had a form of cancer called Neuroblastoma. She was already in the final stages of the cancer. She was stage four, high risk, with a very low chance of surviving. Even so, she began treatments in an effort to save her young life.
Summer endured months of treatment. She had chemotherapy and an operation to remove the tumor. After a few months, Summer relapsed. Her condition worsened very quickly, and there were three occasions where her family thought they might lose her, though she managed to pull through. In January of 2014, another lump was found on Summer's head. They discovered that this was also Neuroblastoma, and she had relapsed yet again. This time, her legs and her hips were also affected.
Late at night on November 26, 2014, Summer passed away with her loving parents by her side. She had been fighting against cancer for three years.