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Gabriel Myers

Gabriel Myers
January 30, 2002 - April 16, 2009
Gabriel was born on January 30, 2002 to Candace Myers and Rocky Newman. Candace had tested positive for drugs while she was in labor with Gabriel. Hospital staff also caught her washing Gabriel, a newborn, in cold water, covering up Gabriel completely with blankets, and snorting crushed pills. She had never been charged with any child abuse or neglect before, but her ability, or lack of ability, to care for a child was a major concern.

On February 6, 2002, Candace was put on a plan for future drug treatment. In May of 2002, Candace's parents were given temporary custody of Gabriel. Gabriel seemed to be doing fine until June 29, 2008. This is when a report came in that Candace had a large amount of Xanax and other unknown pills. The reporter said that Candace seemed to be dozing off and under the influence of something. She was also arrested for violating her probation. There was also an incident where Candace believed Gabriel was inside of a car with her when, in fact, he was inside of a restaurant.

 Another report was made the same day. This reporter said that they believed Gabriel was being sexually abused. Police investigated and found Candace with cocaine, marijuana, non-prescribed medication, and alcohol. She was in a parked, running car. She was unconscious. Gabriel, as well as his dog, were inside of the car with Candace. Gabriel was taken for medical treatment.

After an investigation, it was believed that Gabriel had not been sexually abused. He said that nobody had touched him inappropriately. Investigators did find bite marks on him, and bruises, but were unsure if they were caused by abuse or not. Candace tested positive for drugs and alcohol. Candace was listed as responsible for Gabriel being exposed to drugs. He was removed from his mother's home and placed with a foster family. He was given Adderall by prescription, and he reported that when he was in the care of his mother, he administered his own medication.

When Gabriel was assessed in foster care, it was found that he was below average in his reading and math skills. They also believed he had ADHD. Gabriel reported that he fought at school and was disciplined at school a lot. Gabriel then reported to a clinician that someone had touched him underneath his clothing in "his bathing suit areas" in a way that made him uncomfortable, and that this had happened on more than one occasion. 

Gabriel was placed in the foster home of John McGuigan. Gabriel was still able to have supervised visits with Candace and his father, Rocky. On July 3, Gabriel's maternal aunt and uncle were involved in a home study and it was recommended that Gabriel go live with them. On July 8, Gabriel moved in with Johnathon and Elizabeth Myers, his uncle and aunt. 

A home visit on August 7, 2008 showed that Gabriel was having a few problems in school. He was still below average in his academic skills, but he was getting tutored. He also was still adapting to living with his aunt and uncle. He struggled with following the established rules of the house. He was also taken off Adderall until his doctor could evaluate him again. When this happened, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Impulse Control Disorder. Gabriel's counselor noted that he lied often, was impulse, and hyperactive. They also said he couldn't easily focus, had poor decision making skills, and lacked self control

By September, Gabriel seemed to be doing better in school. He behaved well and did well with both his teachers and his classmates. He still had trouble following rules at home, but he showed no signs of being abused again, and seemed to be improving. In October, however, a report came in that said Gabriel had been having trouble at school, and that he had been acting sexually inappropriate with other children at school. It was reported that Gabriel kissed other children and touched other children's bottoms and private parts. It was reported that Gabriel had also previously been sexually abused by a twelve year old child.

Gabriel was taken out of the custody of his aunt and uncle and was placed with John McGuigan. After Gabriel was re-placed, another report alleged that his uncle had "paddled" Gabriel on his bottom and that Gabriel had three bruises on his bottom due to this. When the doctor examined Gabriel, no bruises had been found. Gabriel told his foster father that his uncle had spanked him because he lied, stole food, and got kicked out of private school for touching other children. Gabriel also revealed that he sometimes thought about killing other people.

Gabriel was taken out of John's custody yet again and put with the foster home of Michael and Daver Gould. This lasted from October 24 to November 5. A home visit was done at John's house and Gabriel was given back to him. There were more incidents with Gabriel touching other children. Gabriel admitted that he had touched his peers, but all the girls he allegedly touched denied that anything had happened.

In December, Gabriel showed a number of alarming behaviors. He scratched his own neck very roughly. He initially told adults that someone else had done this when they questioned him about the injury, but then said that he had done it to himself. He also had been very disruptive in his class. In January of 2009, Gabriel's school bus driver witnessed another child reaching toward Gabriel's genitals. When the issue was addressed, Gabriel said that he had asked the other boy to touch his genitals. Later, he asked another child to take off his pants. 

In February of 2009, John reported that Gabriel's behavior was deteriorating again. He also said that Gabriel lied to him, his teacher, and other adults. He said that Gabriel kept bringing action figures to school and disrupting the class, so he was going to take Gabriel's action figures. There was also an incident involving scissors, John suspected that Gabriel's behavior was becoming worse because his mother was going to be released from jail soon. Gabriel was reported to have lied, stolen, and forged a signature at school. Gabriel stole money from a classmate and begged the teacher not to call John and then begged the teacher to call his uncle because "Uncle J will punish me even worse, and that is what I deserve."

In March, because of Gabriel's behavior, John told him that he would not allow him to go on vacation, but that if Gabriel began displaying good behavior, he would get to go. Gabriel was unable to go on the vacation. He squirted red dye on other children and he told the other children that the dye was poison. He also became "out of control" on one occasion and threw many objects, including a television, onto the floor. He also threatened another child. Gabriel was taken off some of his medications and put on Symbyax for a mood disorder. 

On March 20, 2009, Gabriel was taken out of John's care and put back into the care of Michael and Daver Gould. It was recommended that Gabriel be put into an Enhanced foster home that would specifically help him with sexual abuse related behaviors and trauma. Later in March, Gabriel was reported to have "gone after" another student and hit him in the face, as well as scratched his eye. On March 31, 2009, Gabriel's case manager received a call stating that Gabriel was out of control, destroying school property, and saying that he wanted to kill himself.

The case manager called the police and called Gabriel's maternal grandfather. His grandfather was asked to speak to Gabriel on the phone which seemed to calm him down. Daver, Gabriel's foster mother, was on her way to pick up Gabriel and take him to a psychiatrist. Gabriel had been with Michael and Daver for two weeks, which he told the psychiatrist. He also told the psychiatrist that he had anger problems.

Two days before Gabriel passed away, he had another problem at school. His foster father, Michael, instructed teachers to isolate Gabriel and let him calm down. This worked, and Gabriel took the bus to his after school care program. When Krystal Gould, Gabriel's foster sister, came to pick him up, she was told that Gabriel was disruptive and had to be isolated again. The next day, Gabriel had another problem at school where he destroyed more school property and had to be restrained. He was suspended from school. 

Gabriel's therapist met with him in the cafeteria. He was alone, sitting at a table with his head down. He vomited some fluid and grabbed his thearpists' hand and told her, "My tummy hurts. I want to go home." Gabriel was taken to the doctor. He reported that nothing else hurt, and he didn't want to hurt himself.

On April 16, 2009, a 911 call was made stating that Gabriel, seven years old, had hung himself. When an officer arrived, someone was performing CPR on Gabriel. Gabriel was taken to a hospital where he passed away. The person who had called 911 was Michael Gould's adult son, Miguel. Miguel was the only adult in the home when Gabriel was found hanging in the home's bathroom. Gabriel had used the extendable shower head to hang himself. He had missed school because he felt sick, and Miguel had been watching him while Daver was at work. 

It was reported that Miguel had prepared soup for lunch and Gabriel didn't want it and had become upset. Gabriel threw the soup in the trash and then went to his room. In his room, he threw his toys. Gabriel told Miguel that he was going to kill himself. Miguel called Daver and told her what Gabriel had said. Miguel went back to see Gabriel and discovered he was in the bathroom. Gabriel had locked himself inside. When Miguel finally managed to get inside the bathroom, by using a screwdriver, Gabriel was hanging and unresponsive. Miguel called 911 for help. A medical examiner confirmed that Gabriel had committed suicide by hanging himself. 

An investigation was done to see if Gabriel's case had been properly handled. It was determined that none of Gabriel's foster parents had mistreated him in any way. There was conversation that the Gould family should not have left Miguel, nineteen, as a babysitter for Gabriel who was having complex behavioral issues. It is also unclear whether Gabriel hung himself with the intent to end his life, or whether he did it to seek attention, not being able to fully comprehend what would happen at only seven years of age.

Sandra Logan

Sandra Louise Logan
April 15, 1940 - July 6, 1944
Sandra was born on April 15, 1940 to Harold and Lillian Logan. On the day Sandra passed away, she, her mother, and her grandmother went to the Ringling Bros Circus. One of the circus tents caught on fire. In the chaos, Sandra was trampled and left behind in the fire. Sandra's father who had not come to the circus with her saw the flames from farther away and ran to go see what was happening. He found his wife, Lillian, and her mother wandering around the circus. They both had minor burns. 

Sandra's father, Harold, was alarmed when Sandra was not with her mother or her grandmother. He stayed there and searched for hours with no luck before heading back to town to see what the police would say about the incident, and if they had any more information. He hoped that someone else in the family had seen Sandra and taken her home. One day passed and there was still no sign of Sandra. 

One of Harold's friends drove him to the morgue to see if Sandra may have passed away. Harold was able to find Sandra's body, and although she was burnt and her face was now black, he was able to identify his daughter's body.

One hundred sixty-six other people passed away due to the fire. More than seven hundred people were injured. About six years after the accident, a man named Robert Segee confessed that he was responsible for the fire..He later said he was not. Some people believe that the person who really started the fire was never found.

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Michael and Haley Kreider

Michael David Kreider
August 3, 2000 - April 27, 2011
Haley Alexis Kreider
June 26, 2002 - April 27, 2011

Haley was born on June 26, 2002 to Dustin and Michelle Kreider. People who knew Haley called her "Lexie". Michael was born on August 3, 2000 to Dustin and Michelle Kreider. Michael's friends and family called him "Mikey". Haley and Michael, along with their mother, Michelle, all passed away due to injuries caused by a tornado. Dustin, the childrens' father was at work at the time. Haley and Michael were driving home with their mother when the storm hit. The three stopped the car and found shelter in a friend's home.


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Meika Jordan

Meika Dawn Jordan
December 11, 2004 - November 14, 2011
Meika was born on December 11, 2004 to Kyla Woodhouse and Spencer Jordan. She was a kind little girl who had an outstanding imagination. She could often be seen playing outside, which was one of her favorite things to do. She had four siblings that she loved very much, She was a fan of music and dancing. Meika always seemed to be happy. She was happiest if she could have a Slurpee or candy. She once kept a ladybug collection in her bedroom until she decided that the ladybugs would be happier living outside.
Meika's parents weren't in a relationship, and Meika had two step-parents. Her step-father was named Brian Woodhouse. Her step-mother was Marie Magoon. Meika was six years old when, one day, she was visiting with her father, Spencer, and her step-mother, Marie. Meika's father and step-mother called for medical help for Meika, reporting that she had fallen down a flight of stairs. Medical professionals did all they could to help Meika.
After examining Meika, doctors didn't think that Marie and Spencer were telling the truth about how she had been injured. Here injuries were very, very severe and did not appear to be from any sort of accident, but from abuse. They believed that this wasn't just one incident of abuse, but multiple occasions in which Meika had been severely abused over the span of about four days.
Investigators determined that Meika had been dragged up and down a flight of stairs. They also believe she was thrown and burnt with a lighter. It also appeared that Meika had been slammed into the floor. There were large sections of Meika's hair that were missing. She was unconscious at the time she was taken to the hospital.
Meika passed away due to her injuries. Her cause of death was ruled as blunt force trauma. She had a large burn on her hand. Earlier, Marie had called a health professional about the burn on Meika's hand and reported that Meika had burnt her hand while playing with a hair straightener. It was believed that Spencer had punched Meika in her stomach. It was alleged that Marie had held Meika's hand above a lighter, and that Marie had tied Meika's hands together and forced her to run up and down the stairs.
Both Spencer and Marie were charged with first degree murder. Both pleaded not guilty. After the trial, Marie and Spencer were found guilty of second degree murder. They were sentenced to life in prison with a possibility of parole after ten years.

Global News
Huffington Post

Michelle Ivancsits

Michelle Jackie Ivancsits
September 19, 2009 - October 9, 2013
Michelle was born on September 19, 2009 to David and Cathy Jo. On October 9, 2013, Michelle was four years old. On that day, Michelle's mother, Cathy Jo, got into her car, planning to go to the store. It was about four o'clock in the evening. David walked out of the house also to talk to his wife. Michelle's brother was playing in the grass and both of Michelle's parents thought that Michelle was still inside their home. 

Unfortunately, Michelle's parents were wrong. Michelle had actually wandered out of the house. She made her way into the path of the vehicle Cathy Jo was driving. Cathy Jo didn't notice that Michelle had been hit by the car, so she didn't stop. Cathy Jo didn't stop until she noticed David behind her, flailing his arms in attempt to make her stop. By then, Michelle had already been dragged by the vehicle for several feet. 

Police investigated the situation and found that, although it was an accident, Cathy Jo's blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit in her state, making this incident not only a car accident, but a drunk driving accident. She also had marijuana in her system at the time of the accident. They measured the height of the windshield and compared it to the height of Michelle and found that it was very unlikely that Cathy Jo would have been able to see Michelle if Michelle had already stepped off the curb. 

I am unable to find any information on whether or not Michelle's mother had a trial or if she was found not guilty/guilty.

Tampa Bay Times
Tampa Bay Times

Nakita Herrera

Nakita Herrera
August 2010 - August 16, 2012

Nakita was born in August of 2010 to Veronica Herrera. She passed away when she was two years old. Her mother, Veronica, claimed that Nakita had jumped up from her potty chair and struck her head against a heater. Veronica then said that she put Nakita down in her playpen for a nap. She told Nakita's nine year old brother to babysit Nakita while she left the house for multiple hours.

When Veronica returned, she checked on Nakita and discovered that Nakita was unresponsive and no longer breathing. Nakita also had a large bump on her head. Veronica knew that Nakita was dead. She feared that her other children would be taken away from her if she notified anybody, so she put Nakita's body in her van and purchased lighter fluid. She attempted to burn Nakita's body inside of a barrel so her other children would not be taken.

While Veronica was trying to burn Nakita's body, two of Nakita's siblings were reported to have put garbage into the flames to keep the fire lit. Veronica felt guilty afterward and confessed what had happened to police. She told them that something bad had happened and she had made it worse. Officers reported that she was crying hysterically while she explained the story.

Veronica was sentenced to thirty years of which she will spend at least fifteen years in prison. She plead guilty to six felony counts in relation to Nakita's death.

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Kaitlyn Garcia

Kaitlyn Marie Garcia
September 15, 2006 - August 11, 2011
Kaitlyn was born on September 15, 2006 to Jody and Danny Garcia. She had an older sister named Haley. Kaitlyn was a happy and healthy little girl until January of 2011. Kaitlyn began waking up at night after having nightmares. Shortly after this, Kaitlyn's family began noticing that her eyes looked droopy. Initially, they dismissed this because they assumed she might be losing sleep due to her nightmares. A bit less than two weeks went by before Kaitlyn's parents began to notice that she also was bumping into things a lot. They made an appointment with her doctor. On January 28, they noticed that Kaitlyn was now drooling.
Kaitlyn's parents informed her doctor of all the symptoms they'd noticed. The doctor ran multiple blood tests. On January 31, the doctor called and said that all of the blood tests came back normal. The doctor referred them to a neurologist just to make sure that there wasn't something wrong. Their appointment with the neurologist was on February 2. In the few days in between January 31 and February 2, Kaitlyn began having issues walking. She also didn't seem to have the energy she usually had. Kaitlyn was also having difficulties with balancing. They called the neurologist who immediately ordered for a CT scan.
Kaitlyn's parents were told that Kaitlyn had a brain tumor in her brain stem. She was immediately admitted into the hospital. The tumor was inoperable due to its location. The only available treatment for her condition, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), was radiation. Radiation does not cure DIPG, it simply shrinks the tumor, often giving children some "good days" as the symptoms are reduced. The tumor then comes back in around six to nine months. No child has ever survived DIPG long-term.
Kaitlyn went through six weeks of radiation, sedation, and chemotherapy. She was able to regain some strength, and this allowed for her to have an excellent summer filled with many happy memories. On July 26, 2011, Kaitlyn's parents noticed that Kaitlyn was beginning to lose her balance yet again. She slowly got weaker and weaker, and in the last week of her life, she was no longer able to run, walk, play, talk, or even smile. She passed away on August 11, 2011 after fighting against DIPG for around six months. 

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Steven Falkner

Steven Matthew Falkner
June 15, 1994 - January 7, 1998

Steven was born on June 15, 1994. He was a very loving child who was friendly to everybody. On January 7, 1998, Steven was three years old. It was a seemingly normal day. It was a Wednesday, and Steven and his family were attending church as they usually did. It was a cold morning, so Steven's mother, Bethany, turned on their car to warm it for the children. Steven climbed into the car and rolled the window down to wave to some of his friends. Somehow, he accidentally pressed the window button with his knee, rolling the window back up. Steven's neck became trapped in the window and he passed away due to his injuries.

Kids and Cars

Cameron and Christian Ellington

Cameron Noah and Christian Caleb Ellington
April 10, 2004 - May 17, 2006

Cameron and Christian, twins, were born on April 10, 2004 to Berna and Clayton Ellington. Cameron, Christian, and their mother, Berna, were killed by boys' father, Clayton. Clayton beat Berna, who he had been married to for three years, with the claw end of a hammer. He also beat his two sons, Cameron and Christian, with the hammer. All three of them passed away due to their injuries. 

Clayton was found guilty of murdering his wife and children. Before his sentencing was read, Berna's cousin rushed up to Clayton and managed to punch his head and neck several times before an officer contained him and took him out of the court room. Clayton was sentenced to death.

Cross Roads News
Pro Death Penalty Resource Community

Lilliana Dearing

Lilliana Jenean Rose "Lily" Dearing
May 21, 2006 - April 2, 2011
Lilliana was born on May 21, 2006 to Amanda Briner and Todd Dearing II. She was called "Lily" by those who knew her. Lilliana passed away when she was four years old due to a rare inoperable form of childhood cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, often called "DIPG".

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Ava Czyzewski

Ava Leia Czyzewski
March 17, 2007 - October 15, 2010

Ava was born on March 17, 2007 to Ryan and Amy Czyzweski. She was a loving child who was always giving out hugs and kisses. She had many friends and she adored them all. She was looking forward to going to preschool with her pink backpack. She was an amazing big sister. She loved teaching her little sister. She was also a girly girl who wore bows in her hair all the time. She enjoyed wearing dresses and anything princess related.

I am unable to find exactly what happened to Ava. I do know that she was three years old when she passed away, and that she passed away at a hospital surrounded by her loving family.

Catholic Herald

Stefanie Belue

Stefanie Belue
February 24, 2001 - September 28, 2004

Stefanie was born on February 24, 2001 to Charleen Belue and Bernard Kelly. She was a happy little girl who loved playing and loved her family. Just before Stefanie's death, she had the opportunity to go on a cruise with her mother and her grandmother. She had so much fun on the cruise and made many happy memories with her mother and her grandmother.

Stefanie passed away when she was three years old after her father, Bernard, came to her day care and beat her to death. He shot two employees at the day care as well. Thankfully, they survived. One of their children, four months old, received a head injury after his mother dropped him when she was shot. He was arrested and charged with felony murder and child abuse. In addition, he was charged with felony firearms possession, two counts of assault, and one count of intent to commit murder. Bernard was sentenced to life in prison.

Jack Adcock

Jack Adcock
July 15, 2004 - February 18, 2011
Jack Adcock was born on July 15, 2004 to Nicola and Victor. He was a happy little boy who loved his little sister, Ruby. Jack was born with Down Syndrome and he had a related heart condition. He was doing quite well, despite his heart condition. He had his first operation when he was just six days old, and many other operations followed throughout his life. 
Jack's parents took him to the hospital after he appeared to be having breathing difficulties and diarrhea. He also had a high temperature and a high heart rate. He was six years old. Doctors suspected that he had a chest infection which ended up being pneumonia. 
At one point during his treatment, Jack went into cardiac arrest. The team that was taking care of him began doing all they could to resuscitate him when another doctor, Hadiza Bawa-Garba, told them that Jack was under a "do not resuscitate" order. The doctors stopped trying to resuscitate Jack and shortly after they stopped trying, Jack passed away. Despite this, Jack's mother thanked the doctors for their efforts, as she always did when they did something for Jack.
 Another doctor asked why Jack was on the "do not resuscitate" list and when Hadiza checked, she quickly learned that Jack was on the "do resuscitate" list and that she had confused Jack with another child who was not to be resuscitated, though that child was already discharged. The team did their best to save Jack's life, but the one mistake and the small amount of time it took to correct it was too long, and Jack could not be saved. Hadiza admitted that she should have checked to make sure that Jack was actually the child that was not supposed to be revived, but that she had worked a twelve hour shift with no break, which she says contributed to her debate.
Hadiza was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence. A nurse named Isabel Amaro was found guilty of the same charge for failing to immediately notice when Jack's condition took a serious turn for the worse. They were both sentenced to two years, but both of them had their entire sentences suspended. 


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Lauren Bells

Lauren Mackenzie Bells
March 6, 2004 - September 26, 2008
Lauren was born on March 6, 2004 to Dave and Leanne Bells. She was a happy and bright little girl. Her favorite color was purple and her favorite thing to eat was spaghetti. She was a fan of "Dora the Explorer". She liked painting and she liked bunnies most out of all the animals. She liked cookies and cream ice cream better than any other kind.
When Lauren was three years old, she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, which is often simply referred to as "DIPG". It is an aggressive tumor that is located in the brain stem, making it inoperable. It is most common in children between the ages of five and ten years old. With radiation, the average survival rate is only one year. The chance of survival after one year is less than 1%. There is no cure for DIPG, just treatments to help reduce symptoms and prolong progression.
Lauren was treated for DIPG. In December of 2007, her tumor had shrunk by 30%. By January of 2008, her parents noticed that her eye movement (which had been limited due to the tumor before) was improving. She continued to be treated and had her ups and downs, but was able to make many good memories over the next few months. 
Three days before Lauren passed away, she had another MRI. The MRI showed that her tumor was growing and that there were no more options for treatment. She was given a feeding tube and was going to stay in the hospital for a few days to adjust to it before going home. She passed away at 12:30 a.m. on September 26. She was four years old.

Amelia Saunders

Amelia Saunders
June 2, 2008 - January 6, 2013
Amelia was a happy, smart little girl who loved her family. When she was three years old, her parents noticed that she was displaying worrying symptoms. She seemed to wobble a lot, and her left hand shook at times. She began falling down as well. Her parents took her to the hospital to see what might be causing this.
In late January, Amelia was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Two days later, it was found that the tumor was large and located in her brain stem. Amelia had a surgery which allowed doctors to find out that it was a grade 2 diffuse astrocytoma. The core of the tumor was likely grade 3, and doctors were unable to remove much of the tumor. They only got small amounts for biopsy samples.
Amelia's doctors told her family that if Amelia had radiation and chemotherapy, it would not save her, just prolong the progression of the disease, likely just by a few weeks. Amelia was taken home on February 20. She had mobility problems now, and her speech was impaired. Her family decided not to put her through radiation or chemotherapy, as they didn't want to make her more uncomfortable than she already was.
Amelia's family noticed she was improving in some ways, so they decided to see what other options there were for her. They found a treatment that might help Amelia. It was called the Burzynski clinic. They were told Amelia had a 54% chance of surviving. It was very expensive, so Amelia's family began fundraising in hopes that they would get some help paying for the cost of their daughter's treatment. They managed to get enough money to be treated.
The treatment appeared to help Amelia in some ways, but it was very unclear if it was actually helping her or not. She had fun times. She was able to go to the zoo, attend a wedding, and go to school. She was not doing any of these things how she would if she had not been ill, but she was still able to do them and enjoy them.
On September 15, Amelia woke up crying due to the pain she felt in her head. About a month later, she was unable to move her right hand. This was a sign that the cancer was progressing. In January, Amelia passed away. Her family felt cheated by the Burzynski clinic. Her mother stated that there wasn't a 54% chance that her daughter would have survived, but a 1% chance. Her father searched for other patients who were treated with the same clinic that had the same disease as Amelia. Only two of them survived long-term.
Still, Amelia's parents don't regret treating her with the clinic. They just feel that they were given more hope than they should have, and that they were lied to about Amelia's chance of long-term survival.

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