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Arshon Baker

2004 - October 24, 2009

Arshon was born in 2004. He was five years old when he passed away. He was in kindergarten where he was known for being quiet. He liked cartoons and eating hamburgers and french fries. He had two sisters. His mother was Angel Glass. Arshon died after being fatally beaten by Angel because he had pulled on her dress to try and get her attention while she was working on someone else's hair in her apartment.

Angered that Arshon pulled her dress, she told him to go stand in a corner. When he came out of the corner a few minutes later, she beat him with a hairbrush, and then a belt. She then said that Arshon ran from her, fell, and hit his head on a dresser. Investigators say that hitting his head on a dresser would not cause the kind of injuries Arshon had.

When investigators looked at Arshon's body, they saw bruises, burns, and cuts, both old and new. Angel initially maintained that Arshon had hit his head on a dresser, then tried to blame his death on her boyfriend, Larry Wanzo. Finally, Angel pleaded guilty for aggravated murder in the death of Arshon. She was sentenced to thirty years. In addition, Larry was sentenced to three years for obstruction of justice.

Stolen Lives

Ahmaad, Amarion, and Aaron Baker

Ahmaad Baker
May 13, 2001 - March 16, 2005

Amarion Baker
February 23, 2004 - March 16, 2005

Aaron Baker
February 2005 - March 16, 2005

Ahmaad, Amarion, and Aaron, siblings, passed away on March 16, 2005. Ahmaad was three years old. Amarion was one year old. Aaron was just three weeks old. Their mother, Danielle Baker, also passed away on March 16, 2005. An apartment manager and maintenance worker discovered all four of their bodies. The children's two year old sibling, Ashandi, had survived the attack that killed the rest of the family.

Danielle had been fatally shot and was discovered on the kitchen floor. The children had been bound with duct tape and were found in the bedroom. They had suffocated due to the duct tape. Investigators suspected Danielle had been shot in the early morning hours meaning that Ashandi was left alone with the bodies for nearly ten hours before they were discovered. 

It was later revealed that Ahmaad and Amarion's father, Wesley Williams, was the one who shot Danielle, his ex-girlfriend, and bound the children with duct tape. He was found guilty and sentenced to four consecutive life sentences. He also had thirty year terms for child abuse. 

Lamar Bailey

Lamar Bailey
April 25, 2002 - August 19, 2003

Lamar was born on April 25, 2002. His father, who ultimately killed Lamar, was named Anthony Bailey. On August 19, 2003, Anthony walked into his basement where his children, one year old Lamar, eleven year old Sharnice, three year old Ayana, and nine year old Antonia were sleeping. He used a shot gun to shoot all of his children. All but Antonia passed away due to their injuries.

After shooting his children, Anthony set a small fire and then left the scene. Police found him the following day. Later, from her hospital bed, Antonia told investigators, "Daddy did it." Eventually Anthony also confessed to shooting his children. He said he shot them because he was upset because of financial issues and the mother of his children leaving him.

Anthony was charged with second degree murder charges which he received a sentence of 40-60 years in prison for. He received a sentence of life in prison for his assault with intent to murder count. He also received a mandatory two years for a felony firearms charge. He will be eligible for parole after forty-two years.

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Alexander Brown

Alexander Edwin Brown
November 13, 2007 - October 23, 2010
Alexander was born on November 13, 2007 to Tara and Jonathan Brown. He liked swimming and going into the hot tub. He liked playing with his Thomas the Train set as well. He was a big fan of fire trucks, especially when he could go for a ride in one. He liked gardening, blowing bubbles, and making crackers in the microwave with his friend, Nina.

On Alexander's second birthday, he got the H1N1 virus. He handled the illness pretty well, but with the illness, his parents saw that there was something else not quite right with Alexander. Alexander had always been active, running and climbing on everything. He also was often clumsy and would sometimes bump into walls. His parents thought that he was just running so fast he couldn't control where he was going. When Alexander was ill and weaker, he walked, as his parents described, "like a drunken man." He also had tremors in his hands.

Over the next month, Alexander visited doctors, eating specialists, physiologists, and many other medical professionals. By the end of this month, his parents noticed scarier symptoms. He had a slight head tilt and his muscles on one side of his back were far more developed than the ones on the other. He also started choking on his saliva. At this point, Alexander went to visit a neurologist.

After a visit that lasted multiple hours, the neurologist still thought that Alexander was just experiencing the flu. They sent Alexander home but did put him on a MRI list that had a 3-4 month waiting period. They were told to come back if Alexander's condition worsened. When Alexander began throwing up non-stop and complaining of headaches, his parents once again returned with him. They convinced doctors to give him a CT scan.

After the results of the CT scan, it was determined that Alexander should not get his MRI in 3-4 months, but in one hour. The MRI and the CT helped doctors see that Alexander had a tumor the size of a lemon in his head. Three days later, this tumor was surgically removed. After the surgery and recovery, Alexander had to get a dual brovio installed. It was a quick surgery. Then he began chemotherapy.

Alexander's protocol involved six rounds of chemotherapy with the last three rounds being stem cell rescue. After the third round, he got another MRI which revealed he had a spot on his brain that may or may not have been another tumor. He also had five new tumors in the nerve bundle of his spine. These were inoperable, but he did receive chemotherapy injections into his spine. They had another MRI to check on his head to see if treatments were working. He had another tumor in his head and now eight on his spine. Since chemotherapy wasn't working for Alexander, they stopped that form of treatment completely.

Now Alexander had to be treated with radiation. Radiation can be very dangerous for children under three years of age, like Alexander, but it was the only option. He received thirty-one doses. Not once during all of these uncomfortable treatments did Alexander complain. His parents always admired how brave he was.

Alexander was able to have one more brain surgery, but his parents were told they would likely not be able to get all of the tumor out of him. They barely got any at all. Then they discovered that the tumor was ETANTR, Embryonal tumor with abundant neuropil and true rosettes. Nobody has ever lived past ten months after their diagnosis with ETANTR. Alexander was only the thirty-sixth known case.

Doctors gave Alexander's parents options for treatments that would possibly extend Alexander's life, but these involved long and frequent stays in the hospital and his parents instead opted for spending the last days of Alexander's life out of the hospital, as they would want to spend their own last days. He had a Children's Wish trip to Hawaii, as he always loved water. He got to swim with two dolphins and release thirty-one butterflies, one for every round of radiation. He also got to swim and sit in hot tubs.

Alexander spent his last days going to birthday parties, camping, taking photos, visiting the aquarium, going to water parks, and having fun. Eventually, he grew more tired. He was taken to the Rotary Flames House when his parents were aware that he was nearing his very last days. They initially wanted to let him pass away at home, but they realized that the Rotary Flames House took very good care of their patients.

Alexander and his parents spent thirteen days at the Rotary Flames House playing, watching movies, and reading books. Alexander's right eye failed and his tremors were worse. His family had an open house for family and friends to say goodbye to Alexander. About 6:00 p.m., Alexander went to sleep with both of his parents. It was the last time they would get to put him to bed. About two hours later Alexander had a seizure and went into a coma that he would never wake up from.

While Alexander was in his coma, his parents read to him. Music was played for him. His breathing got more shallow and slow until it stopped all together. His breathing stopped for around a minute before he took another gasp of air. And then another. And then another. Every time it seemed like he was gone, he would come back. His parents told him it was okay to go. They began to think that Alexander didn't want to pass away when they were with him. They left and had a nurse stay with him.

His parents dressed him and decided that he would be cremated. His urn was decorated beautifully with things that he liked.

Finley Boyle

Finley Puleo Boyle
April 2, 2010 - January 4, 2014
Finley was born on April 2, 2010. Finley loved animals, especially her dog. She was known for being kind and sweet. She was very sociable and loved anyone she met. She passed away when she was three years old after a dental procedure. Her dentist was Lilly Geyer. Finley's parents sued Lilly after Finley's death stating that Finley was given improper medications and improper dosages. Finley had been taken to the dentist by her mother because she was told that Finley needed six teeth fillings and four root canals.

Finley's parents say that Finley was sedated and then left unattended for almost half an hour. During this time, Finley fell into a coma, suffered permanent brain damage, and, about a month later, passed away. The mixture of sedatives and anesthesia caused Finley to have a heart attack. Lilly Geyer was charged with manslaughter for Finley's death.

At this time, I am unable to find any information about the trial against Lilly Geyer or if she was found not guilty/guilty. If you have any information about this, please do not hesitate to inform me in the comments so I can add the information to Finley's story. Thank you.

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Raven Blanco

Raven Maria Blanco
December 9, 1998 - March 9, 2007 
Raven was born on December 9, 1998. She passed away on March 9, 2007 during a routine visit to the dentist. Her dentist was Michael Hechtkopf. Michael had given Raven three drugs to calm her while she had her teeth cleaned and calcium deposits removed. While sedated, Raven went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital where she passed away ninety minutes later.

Michael had given Raven 1300 mg of chloral hydrate and 30 mg of hydroxyzine. At the time of her death, she had a blood concentration of over three times the normal amount of chloral hydrate. Raven was very frightened of the dentist and was even afraid to brush her own teeth, causing her parents to believe having her sedated would make the necessary visit easier on Raven and everyone else involved. She hadn't eaten anything before the visit, as instructed by Michael. 

Raven's official cause of death was ruled as complications due to dental sedation. A law suit was filed against Michael by the family. He agreed to the confidential law suit. 


Annie Bahneman

Annie Elizabeth Bahneman
July 18, 2003 - August 21, 2010
Annie was seven years old when she passed away. Her parents were Chad and Bridget Bahneman. She had two brothers named Liam and Tommy. Annie was generous, kind, and loving. She was excited about becoming a first grader next school year and she liked gymnastics, art, swimming, ice skating, reading, and playing with her brothers and her friends. 

Just before Annie's death, she and her family had been swimming in a lake near their Minnesota home. It was a very hot day, and the family enjoyed cooling off in the lake. Just about a week later, Annie began feeling ill. On Monday, she mentioned that she wasn't feeling so well. The next day, she said she had a headache. A quick check by a midwife revealed that she seemed perfectly healthy.

By the evening of the second day of Annie's illness, her father sent a text to her mother saying that he didn't think she should run any errands and she should instead come straight home because Annie was feeling very sick. Annie had a high fever and had been vomiting for the majority of the day. She was taken to the doctor where she was diagnosed with strep throat. Her mother feared she had meningitis but the doctors said that she did not. They sent Annie home. Her mother still thought that she should take her back to the hospital, but she assumed she was overreacting. 

Annie slept in the same bed as her mother that night. Every thirty minutes her mother would wake her up to have her drink some water. Around six in the morning, Annie's mother left the room to call her work and say that she wouldn't be coming in today. When she returned to Annie, she realized that Annie was now unconscious. Annie was rushed to the hospital. She was having seizures.

Ten different people worked on Annie and finally managed to stabilize her. She was taken to the intensive care unit. Nothing the doctors did was helping Annie. She was experiencing visions and having seizures about every half hour. The infection control doctor asked if they had been swimming in any lakes in the southern part of the country where it was warmer. They hadn't. They had only swam in the colder Minnesota waters. 

Annie, who knew sign language, could only communicate with her hands now. The last thing she said to her parents was signing that she was in a lot of pain and she wanted the doctors to stop what they were doing. She passed away shortly afterwards. Her parents asked for an autopsy so they would know what had killed their first child. It was a brain amoeba called Naegleria fowleri. It is extremely rare and was thought to only be found in the warm bodies of water in the south. It had never been spotted as north as Minnesota before. 

After Annie's death, a second child got naegleria fowleri in the same lake and also passed away. 

Elizabeth Byrd

Elizabeth Ann Byrd
August 23, 1992 - May 23, 2001
Elizabeth was born on August 23, 1992. She was kind and loving. She was a big fan of music and had dreams to be a famous singer when she grew up. On the day Elizabeth died, she had been walking from her home to school around eight in the morning. She was eight years old. A man named Steven Newell began walking with her. Elizabeth knew Steven because Steven had dated her older sister for a few months.

Elizabeth was already late for school this day so she told Steven that she didn't have the time to talk to him this morning. Steven told her that she should take a short cut through a field with irrigation ditches. Elizabeth took Steven's advice and the two went off together, out of sight of anyone else who could have seen them. 

When Elizabeth and Steven were alone together, Steven sexually assaulted Elizabeth. When he was done assaulting her, he grabbed a strap from Elizabeth's backpack and strangled her to death with it. When Steven was sure Elizabeth was dead, he wrapped her body in a carpet and threw it into one of the drainage ditches. 

When Elizabeth's mother arrived home that day, she was surprised to find that Elizabeth was not home from school yet. She was not concerned because Elizabeth often went to play with her friends at their homes and would stay out until around eight at night. When 8:00 came and Elizabeth still did not return home, her mother was worried. Elizabeth's sisters went to the homes of Elizabeth's friends and learned that Elizabeth hadn't come over to play that day. The family searched for Elizabeth until around 11:00 p.m. before they called police.

Police officers came and spoke to Elizabeth's family and then Elizabeth's friends. Elizabeth's friends informed them that Elizabeth had not been at school that day, although people in the neighborhood had seen her walking to school that morning. The next day officers were dispatched to the field near the elementary school. They found a child's shoe, a backpack, and a children's book. In the backpack was a magnet that had the name "Elizabeth" written on it. Later in the day, officers also discovered Elizabeth's body in the field. 

Two weeks after Elizabeth was assaulted and murdered, Steven was arrested. He admitted to investigators that he had led Elizabeth to the field and had "sexually rubbed against her." He also admitted to taking the strap from Elizabeth's bag and wrapping it around her neck, then throwing her into a ditch. Even after admitting all of this, he denied that he had killed Elizabeth. 

Forensic testing showed that semen belonging to Steven was on the underwear Elizabeth was wearing when she was murdered. Steven was charged with first degree murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault of a minor. He was found guilty on all three charges. He was sentenced to death.


Halli Burton

Halli Rose Burton
October 8, 2007 - April 15, 2009
Halli was born on October 8, 2007 to Joshua Burton and Jessi Dunlap. She passed away on April 15, 2009. At this time, she was living with her mother in a man named Lee Ponshe's home. Lee had met Halli's mother, Jessi, over the internet about two months before. They had only been living with him for around three days.

On the day Halli died, a 911 call was placed reporting an unresponsive child. Jessi had been out of the home that day and Lee was supposed to be caring for Halli. When Jessi returned she knew that something was wrong with Halli. It was Jessi that made the 911 call. At the hospital, Halli was pronounced dead and medical examiners determined that she had been beaten to death.

In a videotaped interview, Lee said that he had hit Halli, but only twice. He was charged with first degree murder and he pleaded not guilty, but was found guilty during the trial. It was said that he had begun beating Halli early in the day because she was crying and would not go to sleep. When he put her down for a nap later, she slipped into a coma due to her injuries and passed away. Lee was sentenced to life in prison which was later reduced to a sentence of seventy-five years. 

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Andrew Burd

Andrew Axel Burd
July 28, 2002 - October 3, 2006
Andrew was born on July 28, 2002. When Andrew passed away, he was four years old. He was in a foster to adoption placement and was in the custody of Larry and Hannah Overton. He had been in their care for four months. He passed away after, as a punishment for misbehaving, he was forced to drink a mixture of water and cajun spices. This caused Andrew to vomit and go in and out of consciousness.

Despite seeing that something was very wrong with Andrew after his "punishment," Hannah and Larry waited three hours before getting medical help for him. By the time Andrew as taken to the medical clinic, he was no longer breathing. He passed away the next day of hypernatremia, basically meaning that he had consumed so much salt, it poisoned him. Andrew had consumed the equivalent of twenty-three teaspoons of creole seasoning and six teaspoons of salt. He also had physical injuries that suggested he had been physically abused.

Hannah was found guilty of capital murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Larry pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and was given five years of probation. Later, Hannah was freed after serving only seven years after it was ruled that attorneys had given ineffective counsel during her first trial.

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Brandon Burchett

Brandon Allen Burchett
September 14, 2009 - February 2, 2010

Brandon was born on September 14, 2009 to Kristopher Burchett and Amanda Goodman. He was four months old when he passed away after a 911 call was made reporting that a baby was not breathing. When police arrived they discovered that the home was filthy. They deemed it unfit to live in. The floor was covered in soiled diapers as well as other trash. The temperature inside the house was only about forty degrees Fahrenheit. Brandon, his father, his mother, his grandfather (Kenneth Burchett), a two year old, and a one year old all lived inside the dirty home. Brandon was deceased.

Amanda, Brandon's mother, claimed that she had discovered that Brandon was dead, so she called his father who was staying with another family member. When Brandon's father heard this, he came over and touched Brandon, finding that he was very cold. He called 911. Two hours passed between the time Amanda initially discovered that something was wrong with Brandon and someone called for help. It was also said that Kenneth, Brandon's grandfather, had noticed that Brandon felt cold and had no pulse but had done nothing.

Brandon's autopsy revealed that his diaper hadn't been changed in two days and there was no food or traces of food in his body. He had not eaten in a very long time. Brandon and the two other children in the home hadn't been properly fed or bathed in some time. The two living children were removed from the home and placed in the custody of other family members.

Kristopher, Amanda, and Kenneth were charged in Brandon's death as well as the neglect of the two other children they were supposed to be caring for. Kenneth pleaded guilty to child neglect leading to death. He received a sentence of three years of probation. Kristopher pleaded no contest to his charge of child neglect resulting in death and was given fifteen years in prison. Amanda pleaded guilty to child neglect resulting in death. She was given a sentence of fifteen years. Both Amanda and Kristopher have to be on the child abuse registry and are not allowed to care for children including their own biological children. They will remain on the registry for ten years after their release.

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Amanda Brown

Amanda Victoria Brown
March 13, 1991 - September 11, 1998
Amanda was born on March 13, 1991. Her mother was Kathryn Hartman and her father was Ron Brown. Kathryn met a man named Willie Crain Jr. at a bar in September of 1998. On the evening of September 10, 1998, Kathryn took Amanda to Willie's home to watch the movie Titanic. At one point at Willie's home, Kathryn saw Willie alone in a room with Amanda. Amanda was sitting between his legs and he was teaching her how to use a remote. Kathryn decided to take Amanda home, and Willie came with them to their home.

At Amanda's home, Willie drew pictures with Amanda. Then Amanda took a shower and changed into her pajamas. Willie, drunk, as he had been the whole night, insisted that he dry Amanda's hair before she went to sleep. Kathryn told Willie he should stay the night in their home because he wasn't sober. Around 2:15 a.m. Amanda finally went to sleep in her mother's bed. About fifteen minutes later, her mother joined her. After that, Willie, still dressed, joined them in bed as well, Amanda sleeping between Willie and her mother. Willie had given Kathryn five valium tablets, sedating her. She was addicted to prescription pain killers and would often take this amount of medication. She didn't wake up again until around six in the morning.

By the time Kathryn woke, both Willie and Amanda were not in the home. Nothing else was missing from the house, Kathryn called Willie and asked where Amanda was. Willie claimed that he knew nothing about where Amanda was and suggested that she call his daughter to see if she knew. He said that he needed to hang up, but that he would call her back. He never called her back and Kathryn called the police.

Police began investigating Amanda's disappearance, first focusing on Amanda's father, and then, once he was cleared, focusing on Willie. They discovered that in 1985, he was convicted of three counts of sexual battery against a child. His victims were all girls under the age of eleven years old. When officers interviewed him, he had several scratches on his body that he was unable to explain. When police searched his home, they found blood on his toilet seat and a bloody tissue in the toilet bowl. There was also blood on his boxer shorts. The blood came back positive as Amanda's.

After Amanda's case got media attention, two women came forward to investigators and said that Willie had sexually assaulted them when they were children. Willie was arrested for rape and was later also charged with murdering Amanda. Investigators believe that Willie took Amanda and sexually abused her, then killed her and dumped her body in one of the areas he liked fishing, though her body was never recovered. 

Although Willie maintained that he was innocent and did not hurt or kill Amanda, he was found guilty and was given the death penalty. 


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Ethan Allison

Ethan Russel Allison
March 19, 2011 - May 22, 2012
Ethan was born on March 19, 2011 to Kathryn Ritz and Marin Allison. On May 21, while Ethan was in the care of his father, Marin, Marin called 911 to report that Ethan was not breathing. First responders arrived and Ethan was rushed to the hospital. It was discovered that he had a massive fracture in the back of his head. He was flown to another hospital and was put on life support. He was removed from life support the next day.

Marin told investigators that Ethan fell down the day he was injured. He said that Ethan didn't appear to be seriously injured but that he had been fussy. He then said that he woke up around 5:30 the next morning and only then discovered that something was wrong with Ethan. When Marin's computer history was searched, it was found that he had been looking up head injuries and information about coma symptoms.

Later, Marin was questioned again. This time he admitted that Ethan's injuries were not caused by an accidental fall. He said that on the day Ethan was injured, he himself was ill. He said Ethan ran in and out of the bathroom that day attempting to get him to play. Marin said that he became frustrated and grabbed Ethan by his clothes, eventually causing Ethan's head to hit the tile floor with a great force. 

Marin said that Ethan was unresponsive ten minutes after his head hit the floor, though he was still breathing at the time. Marin said he stayed up for the majority of the night researching head injuries until he noticed Ethan stopped breathing, and then he called 911. Marin was found guilty of second degree murder, though he had been originally charged with first degree murder and child abuse. The jury recommended a sentence of nineteen years. 


Amylah Smith-Allende

Amylah Ma'Lynn Smith-Allende
June 8, 2008 - December 7, 2008
Amylah was born on June 8, 2008. Her mother was Alexandria Allende. On the day Amylah passed away, her mother had gone to work at 6:15 a.m., leaving Amylah in the custody of a man named Emerson Burns. When Alexandria left Amylah, she was completely healthy. At one point during the day, Emerson called a woman to come to the apartment where he was with Amylah. The woman saw Amylah and saw that she appeared to be dead. She was going to call the police but decided not to after Emerson begged her not to.

The next time Amylah was seen by anyone other than Emerson was four hours later. At this point, ti was clear that Amylah was deceased. She had been fatally beaten, and the only person who could have beaten her was Emerson. Emerson told police several different stories as to what happened to Amylah. He also managed to convince several different women to lie to police and his attorney about anything they knew about what had happened. Emerson claimed he lied to the police because he was a convicted sex offender and he knew he was not supposed to be around children. 

Emerson maintained that he was innocent, even just before his sentencing. He was found guilty of fatally beating Amylah and was sentenced to fifty years in prison for beating and biting her until she passed away. 

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Avarice Alexander

Avarice Evelyn Vikoria Alexander
December 20, 2013 - October 5, 2014
Avarice was born on December 20, 2013 to Adam and Jazmyne Alexander. Two days before Avarice passed away, her father, Adam, put her face-down in her crib around 8:30 in the night. Avarice's mother, Jazmyne, came home from work just before midnight on the same night. Both Jazmyne and Adam drank alcohol and then went to sleep.

Avarice was left alone, nobody even checking on her, until the afternoon of the next day. Avarice hadn't been checked on in sixteen hours. When Jazmyne finally did check on Avarice, she found her unresponsive. She called for help, but when help arrived Avarice was pronounced dead on the scene. It was also discovered that Avarice hadn't been to the doctor in seven months, even after her parents were aware that she had been having breathing issues. Both Jazmyne and Adam were charged with felony child neglect.

At this time, I am unable to find any information about the trial of either Jazmyne or Adam.

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Brady Alcaide

Brady Robert Alcaide
November 20, 2011 - January 28, 2012
Brady was born on November 20, 2011 to Jonathan Alcaide and Kathryn Riffenburg. He had two sisters named Samara and Madison. In early January of 2012, Brady's parents noticed that he seemed to be getting ill. His fever reached 104 degrees at one point so they took him to the emergency room. Tests were run and came back negative, so they were sent home and told the monitor Brady's condition.

Just a week later, Brady was taken back to the hospital. His condition changed rapidly and his breathing was worrying. On January 20, Brady was in the pediatric intensive care unit. He was having a difficult time breathing and eating. He had a feeding tube and a breathing tube. Two days before his death, it was clear his condition was worsening. 

On January 27, Brady's heart stopped and he was in critical condition. He passed away the next day. He had whooping cough which was not officially diagnosed until after his death. Brady's parents urged other parents to vaccinate against whooping cough. Because Brady was too young, he had not had the vaccination.  


Stella Aguilar

Stella Grace Aguilar
March 14, 2014 - June 17, 2014
Stella was born on March 14, 2014 to Eddie Aguilar and Johnna Byrne. She was three months old when she passed away. I am unable to find any other information about Stella. If you know anything about Stella and would like me to add it to her post, please inform me in the comments and I will add it as soon as possible. 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Owen Adams

Owen James Adams
March 29, 2011 - October 27, 2012

Owen was born on March 19, 2011 to Tiffany and Kenneth Adams. He had a sister named Raina and a brother named Alex. He was known for being a happy and enthusiastic little boy. On the day Owen passed away, ambulances were called to his home in response to a child not breathing. When help arrived, they found Owen unresponsive. He was transported to the hospital where he passed away.

Owen's death was ruled as a homicide and his father, Kenneth Adams, was charged with child endangerment resulting in death. It was said that Kenneth had been playing a video game when Owen head-butted him during a temper tantrum. This enraged Kenneth, so he held a pillow over Owen's face until Owen suffocated. Kenneth was sentenced to fifty years in prison after being found guilty.