Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) How are children added to The Angel Project?
If you want a child added to The Angel Project, please message The Angel Project on Facebook, or leave a comment on any of the blog posts here.

2.) Why aren't all the children's stories here?
Hopefully, someday they will be. I started The Angel Project on Facebook years before I started this blog. At first, I didn't include the stories of the children at all. I'm slowly catching up, while also adding more children to Facebook as well. My goal is to honor as many children on The Angel Project with their collages and tell as many of their stories as possible on this blog. It will just take some time.

3.) Is The Angel Project representing a specific religion?
The Angel Project itself is not representing a specific religion. There are children from many religions remembered here, and therefore, all religions are honored. Although to some "angel" is a religious term, in this case, that is not necessarily so. It can be if you wish it to be, but it doesn't have to be. It could be used in a religious sense, or in a way that simply shows that these children were sweet, loving, and innocent. I encourage you to remember these children, as well as pray for and/or love them and their families as well, according to whatever you believe. Any loving thoughts are good thoughts in any religion, and without religion as well.

4.) Why do you add children if you don't know any information about them?
As mentioned before, I began The Angel Project on Facebook years before this blog was made. On Facebook, none of their stories were told. This means that I didn't ask people who submitted children for collages what happened to the child, and now I have no way to write their story on the blog, as I have lost contact with some of the people who submitted children. I could simply not make a post for the child on the blog, but I think it is important to remember them here along with the other children. In addition, I can ask that readers of the blog tell me if they happen to know anything about a child I cannot find information on. This has worked a few times, and then, I can post the child's story. I am very grateful for those of you who help me remember these angels and fill in information I cannot find about them.

5.) Why is it called "The Angel Project"?
Originally, I had a page on Facebook honoring the life of just one child, Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs. Through Kelsey's page, I was introduced to many other children who lost their lives. I wanted a way to honor them all. I asked members of Kelsey's page what they believed a good name for a page like that would be. People suggested "Kelsey's Collages", "Angels Above", "Heaven's Angels", and, of course, "The Angel Project." Because "Kelsey's Collages" was so specific to just Kelsey and "Angels Above" and "Heaven's Angels" seemed very specific to a few religions, I chose "The Angel Project." It was suggested by a kind supporter of Kelsey named Susan Maree Jeavons.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them, and I'll answer to the best of my ability. As always, thank you for helping me honor, love, and remember these children. 

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